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Unique gifts and home decorations. Inspired by pretty things, and positive living. The joy of making comes from tiny details within the work, created by hand-crafting miniature pieces and using personal photography. Handmade in Hampshire England in the Molly Margaret Studio each design layer is carefully considered and encapsulated in sea air as a picture is built up one layer at a time.

    The haberdashery Shop -Inspiration To Be Creative Everyday

    Haberdashery Shop

    Hand-crafted with luxury ribbons from VV Rouleaux, vintage textiles, handmade papers and recycled precious items. This is part of the Molly Margaret village which is currently growing as a place to escape the everyday, relax and a space to dream big.

    The bespoke frames we use and our packaging is all manufactured in Britain. We support and believe in buying locally and British made products. All the designs are created in the Molly Margaret Studio in Hampshire where the window are always open so as a layer of mixed media is placed, it can’t help but capture some of the wonderful sea air.

    This print is taken from the original artwork and only the best high quality prints are used to capture the subtlety and detail of the original design. All prints are signed by the designer Kelly Rideout and titled.

    If you would like to keep up to date with the growing village or have a suggestion for a shop then please do get in touch or sign up to the email where we deliver the latest releases to your inbox.

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